Over 50 5-Star Reviews

Absolutely love this class! Love the High instructors Sharli and Kenzie! It’s high energy, motivating, fun, challenging and amazing workout every time I go! I have been to a lot of group fitness classes over the years, and nothing compares to this one! Thanks for getting me so addicted to High, girls!!!

Kristin Kofoed
North Logan, UT

I have been a regular at High Fitness for almost a year. It’s not just the mix of cardio, toning and dance that I love, but also the energy and enthusiasm Sharli and Kenzie bring to every class. They’re truly excited to teach and I love their authenticity and encouragement. It’s the workout I make time for every week.

Dani Vest
North Logan, UT

I LOVE High Fitness! I’m one that doesn’t like going to the gym and typically don’t enjoy most classes. I decided to give High Fitness a try, and now, it’s something I look forward to! It gives you a great full body workout and I always feel awesome when I’m done. My days are so much better after attending High.

Amy Forsyth
Smithfield, UT

I have attended group fitness classes at several different studios, and the High Fitness class at The Studio is by far my favorite! They are the best mix of energy and sweat! Their enthusiasm for the class is infectious and I always leave feeling rejuvenated and happy. I dare you to not have a good time!

Whitney Watts
Smithfield, UT

High Fitness at The Studio is seriously the best! The energy that they bring to each class is unreal. They totally get me all pumped up & the hour of High Fitness seems like 10 minutes. I always leave a sweaty mess & it's the best. I get the best workout in when I go to high fitness. I'm basically obsessed.

Cristina Allen
Lewiston, UT