Hi!  My name is Sharli and this is my husband, Andy. This guy. This guy right here is the reason all this awesomeness came to be. Here's the story...

One random day in September 2017 we were sitting on our couch together watching Fixer Upper.  It was the episode where Chip and Jo envision and create the Magnolia Bakery.  Joanna had been dreaming of owning and running a bakery for many years before and her dreams were finally becoming a reality.  When the episode finished Andy turned to me and asked, "Babe, what's your biggest dream?"  I thought about it for a few seconds and then quickly replied, "My dream is to own a big, beautiful studio with Marley floors and wall to wall mirrors so I can teach ballet and High Fitness."  A few days later Andy called me up and said, "Babe, I've got the perfect place for your studio!  Get in the car right now and come look at it!  I'm ready to make your dreams come true!"

Since that fateful day we've been working hard to create an amazing place where kids, moms, people of all ages and abilities can come to move, sweat, and feel great about themselves.  We want everyone who enters The Studio doors to feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated.  We want our community of members and students to be able to make new friends, have an amazing time, and leave feeling energized and rejuvenated.  We are so excited about this space and the joy it will bring to the people of Cache Valley in the years to come!